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ssa 1724

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NAME OF CHILD ADDRESS OF CHILD Include house number street apt. number P. O. Box rural route city state and ZIP code Form SSA-1724-F4 01-2010 EF 10-2012 Use Prior Editions Page 1 If any child listed in item 2 has a different name from that given at birth attach a separate sheet with the following information Child s Present Name Name Given At Birth and a brief explanation for the difference e.g. Marriage or Court Order. Form Approved OMB No* 0960-0101 Social Security Administration CLAIM FOR...
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You're applying for Social Security and you get a set of these forms to fill out in the mail hi I am Steven bender of bender and Alves we specialize in Social Security disability benefits and have advocated for thousands of clients over the years your immediate reaction when you get these forms is I've already answered all these questions I filled out these forms before and for most of you your disability isn't that you're bedridden or that you have a terminal illness it's that over time you've got a disability that prevents you from being a reliable employee you don't know how you're going to feel day-to-day so how do you answer a question like what do I do from the time I get up in the morning to the time that I go to bed well in a case like yours you answer it truthfully I do what my condition allows me to do from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed that's a truthful answer can I wash dishes well I can wash dishes as my condition allows why do you answer these questions like this one because rather than the taking you 3 hours to write a novel it takes you about 10 or 15 minutes to re answer the question and condition it with as my condition allows, and it's a truthful answer and another reason you answer like this is because your answers are going to be consistent throughout the whole process another reason you answer a question like this in the condition like yours is because you don't want to say something that would equate to being able to do an eight-hour work day like while I take care of my kids sometimes I watch television sometimes I do hobbies sometimes judges might interpret that as saying well then if you can do that you can do an eight-hour day, but you know the reality every day is different some days you can't do much at all and no employer would allow you to miss a couple of days from work here and there or just take off in the middle of the day your claim is an unreliable employee who doesn't know how their conditions going to be on every given day if you want to learn more about Social Security disability benefits or veterans disability benefits subscribe to our you Paige watch our other videos look us up at bender — banter calm or call us at one eight hundred two eight six eight six eight six I am Steve bender of bender and Alice
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